The case studies below illustrate the value we've brought to our clients websites

Indigo Ink Digital Printing in Maryland
This client approached us for a full website re-design. They were ranking very high for their company name "Indigo Ink", which is saying something because there are several businesses using that name or similiar variations.

However, although their current customers might search for their website using this keyphrase, they wouldn't stand to pick up any new business with it. So they needed a better strategy.

We suggested that they think about what keyphrase could be infinitely useful to dominate. After some time and consideration, we decided on "Digital Printing in Maryland". The client was quite surprised that we suggested that we might be able to get them to the top with this phrase, but after consideration, we decided that we could do it.

After only a few weeks, they are already ranking at #1 and #2 for this phrase on MSN Search and Yahoo!, and we are currently working with them to help them dominate the phrase on Google search as well. UPDATE! This client is now ranking #1 AND #2 in for Digital Printing in Maryland. They are also ranked #1 and #2 for Digital Printing Maryland. (technically, a separate search)

Mr. Mortgage - Mortgage in Raleigh, NC
This client had an existing website. However, he wasn't positioned well with any of the big 3 search engines for his most valueable keyphrase, which was "mortgage in raleigh" or "mortgage raleigh" or "mortgage raleigh, nc".

We optimized his site and coached him to make better use of his body text and other aspects. The client implemented the strategies we proposed and is now ranking very well for the selected keyphrases. He currently holds several #1 positions with Yahoo and MSN and we are further optimizing him to dominate in Google. - Make Your Own Website
Our first client, was ranking second page on for "make your own website". This is a very difficult phrase to secure as there more than 105 million results. SiteSkins is now ranking #1 in MSN, #1 in Yahoo! and #2 on for make your own website. We are working on getting it to #1, however, #2 out of more than a hundred million isn't too shabby.

Todd W. Garcia - Dentist in Cary
Our latest addition to the Dominate the Search Engines #1's club is client Todd W. Garcia who is now ranked #1 in Google, #1 in Yahoo! and #2 in MSN Live Search. It's good to be on top.

American SensorTech - Kodak Dental Sensor Repair
American SensorTech is our latest client, and has achieved top results in ALL of the big search engines very quickly. In Google, AST has achieved a #1, #2 and #3 result, dominating the page. American SensorTech repairs Kodak dental x-ray sensors. We are targeting Kodak Dental Sensor Repair Make your own website