Todd W. Garcia - Dentist in Cary
A new client Dr. Todd W. Garcia contacted us to help boost his rankings in Cary as a family dentist. We decided to optimize for the phrase Dentist in Cary and have begun the necessary steps to help him to dominate this phrase. It is only a few days in and he is already making a showing on page 2 of Google, coming in around #16th. Stay tuned... UPDATE! Dr. Garcia's website is now coming in #1 on Also, he is now ranking #1 in Yahoo and #2 in MSN Live Search for Dentist in Cary

Cary Dental - Cary Dental Services
Dr. Todd Garcia had such great results with his rankings for the Dentist in Cary phrase, we are now optimizing him for Cary Dental as well. He is currently coming in at #2 in and we are pushing for the #1 spot. We're keeping an eye on our new targetting phrase Cary Dental.

American SensorTech - Kodak Dental Sensor Repair
American SensorTech is our latest client, and is already making it up the engines very quickly. We are receiving a solid top 3 placement at this time, but are working to improve it. American SensorTech repairs Kodak dental x-ray sensors. We are targeting Kodak Dental Sensor Repair

AST - Dental X-Ray Sensor Repair
American SensorTech is pushing with their second optimized domain name and website and has just launched as well as in a bid to dominate the market of Dental Sensor Repair in Google.

AST - Digital Dental X-ray Sensor Repair
American SensorTech is also optimizing to capture yet additional valuable key words / phrases in Google and the other search engines. No data yet as this campaign has just been launched.

American SensorTech - Other Brands
American SensorTech has now expanding with other websites, including Schick Dental Sensor Repair, Dexis Dental Sensor Repair, Gendex Dental Sensor Repair as well as Kodak. This hub approach is establishing AST as an industry leader in sensor repairs. Make your own website